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Port Gamble October 2009 investigation

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Manresa Castle

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Emel House Seabeck, WA

Port Gamble Camera Only Investigation 2010

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The following are some of the best evidence that we received during our investigation of Manresa Castle. We had 51 EVP/EAP's, a couple of personal experiences and some video. In total we had 7 DVR cameras running from 5pm until about 6am, total of over 2000 photos and multiple audio recorders running all night long. I hope you enjoy.

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Audio Evidence:

s' Voice - This one there is no one in the room, we are gone at dinner

Attic Turret Room "I'm not here"

It's Over

Chapel GB Girl - This is from the ghost box session. However the voice is not coming from the ghost box

Chapel Little girl - This is from the ghost box session. However the voice is not coming from the ghost box

Did you respond to Scott's Question?

Is she alone in the bath "OK"

Cat's Meow!! - There is a report that people see this cat or hear it. There is no cat on the third floor!

Female Voice - Sounds German (Vorsichtig Nicht-"beware not" or don't be afraid)

Male Voice

Sorry Lotta - Lotta is The granddaughter of the original owner Charle's

Yeah Right

Thanks, OK

How Dare You - This is very clear and a must listen.

Where's the flashlight - You hear an answer, listening you can tell it wasn't one of us that answered!


The Following are personal experiences caught on audio:

foot steps heard, Foom 302

302 Bed Shake - if you listen hard, you will hear the bed shake.


Video Evidence:

There is nobody in the attic during this time. We where only allowed to set up cameras and do an investigation with staff present. Another group has made it difficult to investigate the attic by going out on the roof and hence ruining it for the rest of us. Check out the area just above the Hot Water heater (center of the screen)