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Port Gamble October 2009 investigation

Belfair Private Residence

Bangor Residence

Manresa Castle

Mikes 4 Star BBQ in Port Gamble

Emel House Seabeck, WA

USS Turner Joy

McReavy Mansion

Wellington, WA

This investigation took place in April 2010. We presented some photos, video and 28 EVP/EAP evidence. During the investigation we used 8 DVR camera system, two Camcorders, many audio recorders, Ghost Box and Dowsing rods. The following is some of the best evidence that we recieved.



Audio Evidence (EVP/EAP)

These are the best that we presented. Take a listen as see what you think. Most of these are considered Class A or B EVP/EAP. As part of our efforts to show only the best audio evidence, we hope you enjoy. There are a couple of personal experiences put here as well. We feel that the audio helps put you there and maybe give a little insight to what we experienced.

I'm Here - you hear; "I'm Here" right after you hear our last investigator speak.

Sigh - You hear "sigh" right after Michelle says you hear a sigh right there. This is during a dowsing rod session.

Cross Me Out - you hear "Cross me out"

Tired - You hear "tired" whispered in as an EVP/EAP

Respiratory - You do hear the word "Respiratory". It isn't very loud. However, you can hear it. We do have a Respiratory Therapist on the team. Maybe it was meant for him.

Come and Enjoy - Nobody is present in the area and you hear the EAP. These electronic sound is the fan from the computer system used for the DVR system. This audio was left at base.

BFF Please - Maybe, it is clear but I cannot see why they would say BFF Please. You can tell that it isn't one of us do to the signature EVP/EAP type voice. Again, the electronic sound is the fan from the computer system used for the DVR system. This audio was left at base.

Get Them Out - This is a class b evp, you can cleary hear them say, "get them out of here". You can tell that they are saying a name right before, but the name is not clear.

Why? - You hear why right after the question "Please show yourself"

The next EVP/EAP are from a Ghost Box session. This is something that we are experimenting with right now. Take the evidence you get for yourself and make your conclusions. Very interesting!

Do you want us to stay or go? - GB session, we ask "do you want us to stay or go?" We get "stay" twice

Yes! - You do hear the word "yes" coming across the GB


The following are audio clips of our personal experiences. One of which has an EVP/EAP that is a Class C at best. However, we all heard it.

Post Office - right before you hear Michelle say Post Office we all hear an EVP/EAP. You can also hear our response to us hearing the EVP/EAP

Door Opened - Scott was alone at Base. The rest of the team was in the Trailer (we use a travel trailer for restrooms and breaks to reduce noise contamination during an investigation). You will hear a noise and the Scott talks over the radio to what happened.

Paper Moves - Our team member Mary was asking for the spirits to show a sign of their presence. You will hear a piece of paper move as a result. The following photo is the piece of paper. It was folded up about 10 feet behind where Mary was standing. We all heard the paper move. There is even a response to Mary!

Personal Experience