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Here are some interesting links to other groups or organizations that we communicate or use on a regular basis. If you like what we have on our site, check out these as well!

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Other Local Groups Websites:

Eastside Validating Paranormal-Located just outside Seattle, Washington

P.S.I. Paranormal Scientific Investigations - Seattle/Tacoma

West Coast Ghost Hunters (Located in Portland OR)

Olympia Paranormal Investigators Society (Located in Olympia WA)

WSPIR in a Washington State paranormal group and is the only representative in the state for TAPS

NSPR-North Sound Paranormal Research from Everette Wa

PIHA-Paranormal Investigations of Historic America


Local Haunted Interest Websites:

Port Gamble, WA. This is a great location for Paranormal Investigators. They also have a monthly Ghost Walk.

McReavy House foundation, location and history of Mcreavy Mansion

Bremerton Community Theater. We have done this place in the past and they are awesome!

Kitsap Historical Society

Friends of OPPS, and those we are doing research with:

Jeff Dwyer, renowned Paranormal Author. He has written many books for many different locations

Gregg Olsen, Author of "Starvation Heights". A story of our neighboring Olalla, WA

bruce hallidays site- For ghost box information;

AAEVP website on everything EVP/AEP

North East Paranormal Investigations - This is another group located in the great United Kingdown! Check out their site

Other Interesting Sites:

The Paranormals (Headed by Brian Harnois former member of TAPS)

PROS (Paranormal Research and Observation Society)

Killarney Paranormal Society, located in Ireland. This is a great group if you are ever over in Ireland area. They are willing to help you get an investigation set up while you are there.

conscious studies :

started by edgar mitchell :

ITC Bridge is something that we have played with in the past, check it out!

1st of its kind for paranormal studies

how to train your dog to be a professional ghosthunter

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Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society