Port Gamble EVP/AEP's  October 2009











Port Gamble October 2009 investigation

Belfair Private Residence

Bangor Residence

Manresa Castle

Mikes 4 Star BBQ in Port Gamble

Emel House Seabeck, WA

Port Gamble Camera Only Investigation 2010

USS Turner Joy

McReavy Mansion Union WA

Wellington, WA

The following are some of the best EVP/EAP's that we received during our investigation of the New York House "Old Hospital", Walker Ames House and the Community Center. These are not all the EVP/EAP's that we gave to the client, but are a good representation of what we presented. I hope you enjoy. To learn more about Port Gamble check out their website at portgamble.com


HOSPITAL: New York House

Give me something to eat - this one is just speaks for itself!

We are Nice - this one should be easy to hear.

Help Me - nobody is in the house and then you hear this

This is Hard - Early on in the night at the Hospital

This is Bad to Say - kind of hard to hear but you can make it out


Walker Ames House

Leave - we where leaving the first floor going up to the 2nd

I'm right here - Jackie was looking into the mirror from the main room on the second floor and stated that it would be weird if she saw someone.

Ghost Box session on Second floor! This is something that we are experimenting with right now. Take the evidence you get for yourself and make your conclusions. Very interesting!

Tell us your name - the name you hear, we found out, is the name of a servant that worked in the home.

Are you here? - This goes with the previous one, we asked him if they were there.

What color do you see? - We always ask this question. It is amazing, we always get the right answer. We are referring the the green light on the K-2 meter.

Community Center

3:30 - This just came out random. By the way, it wasn't 3:30 when we got it.

Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society