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Welcome to the OPPS ON THE EDGE page. This page is dedicated to the research we are doing with new types of technology and old technology that have little or questionable value. Our current projects include the ghost box and dowsing rods. These have both been used for a while but are questionable to how they work, or if they work. We are trying to discover the relevance to if they are good enough to use as evidence, or are they just more tools that have little substance!

Current Projects!

Ghost Box

Current projects include ghost box technology, often confused as Frank Box. We have been collaborating with Bruce Halliday from inside the box rtsc ghostbox. Bruce is considered one of the experts in the use of ghost box technology. On his website you can purchase ghost box units or download videos that show you how to modify one for yourself.

So what is a ghost box? Well, basically put it is an AM/FM radio scanner that has been hacked to continually scan for radio stations. The theory is that the spirit will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences. Many on our team were skeptical about it's validity for spirit communication, at first. The results so far have been surprising. Check out our Ghost Box page to see results of our tests and the protocols that we use. Discover some of our evidence in the use of the Ghost Box, our protocols and some feedback from Bruce himself.

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Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are two metal rods with a 90 degree bend on them used to pick up changes in energy fields. Formerly they are used to find water for drilling. The term used for this is called "witching wells". If you ever had a well drilled you will find the drilling contractor uses these rods to find an appropriate place to drill. So they do work for that aspect. This is something that we have been experimenting with recently. As of the writting of this page, we have yet to publish any findings from the Dowsing Rods. Check out our page to see our protocols, some video on how we incorporate dowsing rods on our investigations and check out our results. The verdict is still out on this primitive technology, but we love the interaction during the investigation. It gives more feedback than using EMF, or the dreaded K-2 meter.

Dowsing Rods on the edge page is still in progress.