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Welcome to the ghost box page. Here you will see examples of evidence, protocols for how to do a session and some of our feedback from our experience. So what is a Ghost Box? Well basically, it is an AM/FM radio scanner that has been hacked so that it continually scans for radio stations. The theory is that the spirit will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences. Many on our team were skeptical about it's validity for spirit communication, at first. The results so far have been surprising. For further information on Ghost Box and how to modify one for yourselft contact Bruce Halliday on his webpage inside the box rtsc ghostbox.

from Bruce Halliday's website.


The following is step by step protocols that we do when doing a ghost box session. It is important to follow most of these steps in order to get a true experience. Most of these steps come straight from Bruce Halliday, but we added a couple more for our testing purposes. The most important are test questions to test for validity.


1. Prior to the session, decide if you wish to try to contact a specific spirit or spirits. You may only have information about an event, such as an accident. You can use this information to direct your questioning.

2. Set up your equipment. We would suggest using a couple of voice recorders, placing them away from the ghost box speakers. Set your ghost box up in an area in front of all members in the room. We like to leave an area for the spirits that is safe for them, an area where we are not at. To do this, we like to sit in a "U" shape formation around the box.

3. Open session. Let the spirits know what it is you are going to do. You may want to do some type of protection ritual, if that is what your group is into. We like to let the spirits know that we are only there to speak with the spirits in the location, the box is safe for them to manipulate in order to speak with us. Mostly, we keep it simple. We are not trying to bring spirits into the location, so it is best to not try and do that. We are investigating a location to see what is there, and maybe gets some answers on the way.

4. Now we turn on the Ghost Box and tell the spirits "hello, we are doing our session now. Our names are ..... Could you tell us your name?" It is good to have some questions already lined up. We like to give the spirits up to 10-15 seconds to reply to each question.

5. Now comes our test questions that we ask. We ask these so we can check the validity of our evidence. If we do not get accurate responses, then the session is not valide. The following are our test questions;

- "Can you tell us the color you see on the device on the floor? The color is green." This is a K-2 meter that we use just for the color. It is not an actual part of the process, we just use it for the color lights. Hey, if it lights up too, that would be great.

-"Can you say one of our names? Can you say the name Scott?" We ask for them to say one of our names and then give them a name to say. This takes away some of the randomness that sometimes occur on regular radio stations.

6. When you get responses to your questions, repeat back what you hear so the spirits know that you heard them. Now you can ask them questions and try to get a response. It is also nice to ask them if they have any questions for you!

7. Try to keep the session less than 10 minutes in length.

8. When the session is coming to a close let the spirits know that you are going to close the session. We always say, "we are now closing the session, thank you for speaking with us. Please say good bye when you are ready for us to turn of the communication box. Good bye!" We then wait about 10-15 seconds for the spirits to say good bye.

Important things that will help with the session; Have everyone be focused on the session. You will be suprised by the results when everyone is. It also helps to do the session when the area feels active, but is not necessary. Try to limit moving around, have everyone stationary, this will limit the amount of contamination on your recorders. Use the AM band on the ghost box, only use if you have active stations available. AM tends to work better than the FM bands.



This is just a sampling, we will be placing more here in the future.

What color do you see?

From Port Gamble Oct 2009- We ask for the color green

From Port Gamble August 2010- We ask for the color green

Can you say one of our names? Can you say "_______"?

Mary - this one we ask the test question for them to say the name Mary. Mary is one of our biggest Ghost Box fans. What you hear in reply is " We will try". This was captured in Port Gamble August 2010.

Scott - This one we ask them to say the name Scott, he is the tech manager of team OPPS. We asked a few times and then you get the name Scott at the end of the clip.

Ghost Box Evidence:

Can you tell us your name- The reply is "Edward", this was recorded on August, 2010 from Port Gamble. In the evidence about you will hear our clear test questions have come back with the appropriate reply.

Where would you like us to go to talk to us?- This question we asked if there was a better place for them to talk to us. We get multiple answers to the question. Listen and you will hear all of the replies. Again, this was captured on our August, 2010 investigation in Port Gamble, WA.


Here is some feedback from Bruce Hallisday himself. The following are a couple of excerpts from an email:

"Let me say that the whole session was excellent and the direct answers and responses to your questions where perfect and outstanding validation of communication."

"The communication they did receive I believe did come from entities that where either grounded at the location or earthbound. For you new communicators that have not heard me speak about this there is a distinct difference between communication we receive from an astral spirit and the communication delivered by an earthbound spirit."

Current Progress:

Currently we are still on the fence with this evidence. With the Port Gamble investigation in August 2010, our views are changing to more of belief than skeptism. I would imagine that soon we may say that this is good enough evidence to hold by itself, but until then listen for yourself.



Any questions about the process we use or some of the evidence we give, please do not hesitate to ask. Email us at opps@olympicpeninsulaparanormalsociety.com. More evidence will be placed on this page as more evidence is evaluated.