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This is a private residence in the Bremerton, Silverdale area. The story of this house is that the original owners had one member pass away in the house. The current owners' child also passed away in the house. He did have medical problems that attributed to his passing. His name is J.T., and we say is because is some evidence that he is still there. The following is some of the evidence that we recieved. Posted with the parents permission, location is held as private!


Music - While we were setting up we had audio running. The little scratching sounds are laying down tape over our DVR cables. the music is heard from the audio recorder in JT's old room. There was nothing in the room playing at the time and wasn't heard by investigators. I will have to say that this was the best piece of evidence for the family! In case you are wondering it is called Brahm's Lullaby and is the song they always played and hummed to JT.

It's difficult - Jackie is talking about Jackie's Grandpa. You hear the EVP prior to her speaking. This is a Class B at best, see what you think is said.

Weird Voice - You hear "Moma! during the rough section of the audio. Just a note, you should put down the recorder and not hold it when doing an EAP session. JT wasn't able to communicate verbally due to his medical condition, so to hear "Moma" is kinda cool for the parents.

Really Scary - Whaling days fireworks was going off during our investigation. This audio was taken in JT's room and two recorders were recording. This EVP/EAP only showed up on one. The EVP/EAP occurs after Tammy asked, "are the fireworks scary?"

Back Home - Don't have a story for this one, but you hear it near the beginning.

Someone Watching - You will hear a tapping sound, that is a clock. There was nobody in the room during this clip and was heard on the recorder. Location was the family room. This is where we have some EVP/EAP's of the previous owner.

Male Voice - This one you hear a male voice say "Were out here" near the end of the clip. Again, this is the family room and we think it is the previous owner.

Michelle Speaks - You hear a male voice right after Michelle speaks near the beginning of the clip. We think it says something like "Boomer shot glasses". We have no clue to what that means, but we looked it up and is a reference to gunshots from a large gun, as in boomershoot. What is weird about this, right down the street just prior to this EVP/EAP, the Poulsbo police officer just shot and killed a DUI suspect, which we all hear the gunshots.