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Many in the paranoramal field has heard of Dr. Linda Hazzard and her infamous way of trying to heal people. For those that have not, many did not walk away from this small house alive! To get a complete story of Dr. Linda Hazzard and the infamous Starvation Heights, read a book by Team OPPS good friend, Gregg Olsen. We will not go into the history of the location, for that visit

Using 8 DVR cameras, we try to cover the entire house and basement. trying anthing to capture evidence that Dr. Linda Hazzard, or her victims are still residing in the home.

Many say that the old bathtub in the house is where Dr. Linda Hazzard initially did her autopsies. The second photo shows the hallway with the old piano and one of our cameras in action.


These are just a few of the EVP's that we recieved on our investigation

Here I am - In this EAP you hear mary say, "I know you are here, I keep hearing a man". The response comes after when you hear "Here I am!".

In the House - In this EAP, we are using a ghost box to try and communicate. Mary asks Dr. Hazzard, "Is this your autopsy room?" The response back is, "In the House".

Male Voice - This is actually many of our EVP's put together into one long one. We are thinking that this male voice is the husband of Dr. Linda Hazzard. His name was Sam Hazzard. There is a little bit of an extra in there from the ghost box. Take a listen and see for yourself.

Little kid - This is another ghost box session. Take a listen for yourself. No explaination necessary.

Singing - We think that this might be the little kid again. We have no idea who this could be. We always love these interactions!

Ghost Box Test Question - Like all of our investigations, we like to ask questions to see if we are actually getting responses back to our questions. We do this as a part of our test questions in order to see if our responses are direct to our questions and not just random. Listen for yourself.

Video Evidence

In this video we had the door to the basement open on its own. It actually opened very forcefully. Yes we did just close it. However, it never opened before when we closed it. Plus, look how hard it opens.

This is a strange orb type object. Usually, objects like this can be considered a bug flying in the room. However, check out how it behaves. We thought that it was interesting enough to share. As a note, we did recognize this area of the living room as having more energy. With the uneven floors, we just thought maybe that was an issue until we saw this.